Welcome to our Magical Clubhouse!


     We are an American family of five that have lived abroad for the past 8 years.  As a result of being an expatriate, we have been blessed to be able to travel the world with our children.  We have always preferred vacation homes over hotels because of the privacy and flexibility they provide.  We wanted to have a safe home that we could visit and invite friends and family to rest, relax, reconnect and most importantly have fun!  


     As an experienced traveler, we've learned to look for vacation homes and locations that have something for everyone and everyone knows what to expect when we arrive.  With this in mind, each family member has contributed in deciding what should be included in the 7 bedroom house.  Our teenage son designed the Tron room complete with a Playstation 4, not a 3...but a 4.  (Apparently, this is important to gamers.)  Our 7 year old daughter picked Frozen and has selected 15 princess dresses so visiting princesses have something to model.  Our 12 year old daughter created the Harry Potter room which comes complete with potions, movies, books and costumes.  While we all have our favorite, every mom knows that being able to have an uninterrupted conversation, read a book or watch a movie without interruption is what truly makes it relaxing.  With that in mind, we designed the Mickey's 1950's Diner complete with a jukebox, 1950's childrens booth, table, chairs, working payphone and Coke machine.  We're continually making improvements and hope that our guests will enjoy the attention to detail throughout the house to make it a magical experience.    


     The important thing is that your vacation feels like a vacation and you don't go home feeling more tired than when you arrived.  Our home has been designed with that in mind.  Our hope is that our home provides a safe and fun place for you to reuinte with family and enjoy a Florida experience without even leaving the home.  While the amusement parks are great, what the family members will remember is the time spent together.    


     We welcome the opportunity for you to 'Be Our Guest' in the specially designed Magical Clubhouse.

The Bullington Family